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can we please destroy this idea that a person has to talk to you every minute of every day to like you

texting all day is not natural

force communication all hours of the day is not natural

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If you get soaked, you’ll catch a cold, Master.

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hairstyles change your entire appearance don’t even try to tell me they don’t

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some episodes are rinharuimage

some episodes are makoharuimage






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So joannaestep has this super adorable headcanon that Clear likes to wear dresses because they make him feel like a jellyfish and isn’t it just the cutest thing you’ve ever heard? Also, i guess the first one is Cleao, while the bottom one is Mizuclear???
Aoba complains, but truth be told, he doesn’t mind, he’s just being his grumpy morning self. Meanwhile, Mizuki designs lovely aquatic tattoos for his bae because he’s the boyfriend of the year.  

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Original Video

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btw the ropes are from toue.
his bondage collection.
it’s too horrifying to show

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if exercising didn’t consist of me moving, then maybe i will do it more often

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today I burned my tongue on a piece of pizza and I think that it’s a very strong metaphor that sometimes the things you love most in life will hurt you.

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The entire dmmd anime budget went to clear’s face. Like everything else doesn’t compare to his face, I am happy and I am having a heart attackthisissosad

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I’m tired and I

Want to go to bed

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what I say: nice shirt
what I mean: duDE I'M IN THAT FANDOM